Constructing a new society in the British Commonwealth

The people of the Commonwealth, have declared (Article 1) that the Constitution of British Commonwealth was written in order to meet the goal of constructing a new society based on creativity (the Creative Society)

Constructing such for the peoples’ prosperity and happiness, to promote general welfare and enable cohesive joint cooperation and collaboration for mutual benefit, sustainable development and in common interest, while preserving and strengthening the sovereignty and voice of each individual member nation.

A Creative Society is one that creates value sustainably and for every human being, as opposed to a group unsustainably consuming value at cost of another group. Such a society prioritises high spiritual and moral aspirations of a human being, humanness, virtue, mutual respect and strengthening of friendship to improve life for society as a whole.

The 20 principles of a Creative Society described in Articles 4 to 23 of the Constitution of British Commonwealth are as follows below.

Principle 1

The will of the people of the Commonwealth is about moving closer to a self-governing society where the people decide their future, and the responsibility for society as a whole, its development, living conditions and harmonious format, lies with each human being.

Principle 2

Everyone has the right to participate in the management of the affairs of society and to adoption of laws that affect us as a whole or any individual human being, thus concerning socially important and significant issues that affect the quality of a human being’s life.

Principle 3

Global aspirations of unity are on the simple basis that humanity is one big family, and a human being is the fundamental unit of society, whether that’s in reference to the Commonwealth, its member nations or the human civilisation as a whole.

Principle 4

All should aim to encourage the formation of cultural and social behavior of a human being based on creative thinking that will expand the boundaries of perception and enable full realisation of potential mentally and spiritually.

Principle 5

Science and technology should be aimed exclusively at improving the quality of human life.

Principle 6

The human life is of the highest value. Nothing else can ever be more valuable.

Principle 7

The security of every human being and society as a whole from any kind of threats, including threats that are emergency situations or climate change, should be dealt by unified global cooperation underpinned by an understanding that the life of any human being has to be protected as one's own.

Principle 8

Every human being is entitled to his freedom and rights.

Principle 9

Freedom of expression, originality and uniqueness of each human being should be cultivated on all levels as a cornerstone of a healthy society.

Principle 10

Society should guarantee the value of each human's life. No one and nothing in society has the right to create threats to the life and freedoms of a human being.

Principle 11

All people are born free and equal. Everyone has the right to choose their life.

Principle 12

Propaganda of any type or form of violence must be prohibited, and any form of division, abuse, aggression, and anti-humane manifestations must be condemned, denounced and prohibited.

Principle 13

Every human being has the right to comprehensive development and personal fulfillment, including the right of guaranteed employment if he or she so desires with equal pay and terms for all.

Principle 14

Society should be able to guarantee economic stability, that is the absence of economic crises and the financial prosperity for everyone with protected rights to private property and income.

Principle 15

Education should be equally accessible to all and cultivate moral values of benefit to self and society creating the conditions and expanding opportunities for anyone to implement his or her creative abilities and talents for the benefit of society as a whole.

Principle 16

Since natural resources belong to the human civilisation as a whole the inherent economic benefit of these should be fairly distributed among all people preventing any irrational use.

Principle 17

Society should be built in such a way that every human being always has access to and is guaranteed provision of essential life necessities like food, housing and medical care.

Principle 18

Mass media should reflect information truthfully, openly, and honestly. The people have the right to receive reliable and transparent information on all public matters.

Principle 19

Culture and cultural heritage is not and cannot be limited by principles, rules and laws.

Principle 20

Everyone has an obligation to themselves and society to cultivate moral values consistent with unity and support for each other in the context of a happy and prosperous world.