Union Government of British Commonwealth

The Union State (the British Commonwealth or BC) consists of The Supreme Congress (legislature) and of the Commonwealth Courts (judiciary) and of the Union Government (executive) and of the Commonwealth Trustees’ (of the people) and of all commonwealth statehoods.

The “form of government” of the Union State is that of a direct congressional constitutional dominion that arose out of the core reform and deep renewal that began in 2021 of the Commonwealth of Nations in existence since 1926, based on the peoples’ declaration in the Constitution of British Commonwealth.

The Union Government charts the unified political, international, social and economic direction of the British Commonwealth and answers for its actions to the Supreme Congress and to The Commonwealth Crown.

The Union Government is responsible for deciding how the Union State is run and for managing things, day to day, including delivering public and government services.

The Union Government is led by the Office of the President and his Commonwealth Cabinet, supported by the non-political Commonwealth Civil Servants that work in state and public bodies, make up the sole executive authority having powers to enforce the rule of law on the territories of the British Commonwealth.

HSH The Duke of Commonwealth is the head of government of the Union Government.

A state body is one that is either created by Dominion Charter or Commonwealth Decree under the Commonwealth Crown Authority or one that is created by Commonwealth law in trust at either the national level (Commonwealth Ministries) or union level (Union Departments).

A public body is created by Commonwealth Resolution.

Embassies of British Commonwealth de jure form a delegation of either an Assembly of the House at the Supreme Congress or of the Commonwealth Commission.

Office of the President

HSH The Duke of Commonwealth


Commonwealth Chief of Staff


Commonwealth Cabinet


The Rt. Hon. Matthew Case

The Rt. Hon. Michael Stoff

HE Lady Margo Roerich

Oliver Windsor-Roerich

The Rt. Hon. Alena Tsurkan

Sir Charlie Mountbatten

The Rt. Hon. Aidana Baisekenova

The Lady Amelia Rørich

The Rt. Hon. Alfie Cecil Roerich